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Getting Berned

Bernie Sanders has convinced a large portion of the Democrat electorate that he will right the economic injustices in our nation. Socialism is a lie, and a proven failure. It doesn’t encourage entrepreneurs, innovators and those who create wealth. It encourages the poor to rely on a huge government to take care of them, instead of creating jobs so they can earn money. Socialism is a half-step to Communism. The result is not prosperity for more people, but widespread poverty and centralized control over every area of people’s lives. Take a close look at the failed USSR and, more recently, Venezuela. There are eery similarities between the promises Lenin made to Russia in the early 20th century and those being made by Bernie to packed auditoriums in the USA currently.

If you would like a comparison that’s closer to home, how about California vs Texas. Democrat controlled socialism vs. sensible conservatism. California’s high taxation and widespread social programs make it far closer to Bernie’s vision for America. California’s state income tax is to 13% for highest incomes, and around 8% for middle incomes, yet they still have a 15.1 billion dollar budget deficit. State regulation on business is strict and taxation is high. Texas has no state income tax, and encourages business. Texas has an 11-18 billion dollar budget surplus. Perhaps you can understand why Toyota moved its headquarters here, and why more businesses are coming. 11,000 people per month are moving to Texas. Tell me again how Bernie Sanders’ socialism is going to help America? The proposals he has endorsed would make the US more like California, not Texas. We don’t need to get Berned…