O America!

O America!
The Lord has blessed you,
land of the free,
nation where women and men
may worship or not,
and anyone may speak out.
O America!
The Pilgrims came to you
to establish religious freedom,
but now powerful people push
their agenda and shout down
all opposition,
and proscribe that freedom be given
only to those who agree
with their sexual choice.
O America!
God is not absent.
You have used your freedom
to turn Him away,
and a time is coming, I say,
coming any day,
when your cursing will be a sign
of the curse you have invited.
O America!
Christ took the curse upon Himself
on that Good Friday.
Then the Son rose and conquered
darkness and death.
O America!
You love darkness,
not light!
You revel in bloodlust,
murder the innocent
and elevate the perverse.
A dark day of judgment is coming!
O America!
Change your thinking!
Change your ways!
You sing, God bless America.
But I call upon you,
America, bless God.

2 thoughts on “O America!

  1. Vernon Yeager

    Well written.Pastor! This is so true, a message to all America. We Christians need to be praying for this to be turned around before we loose all our Freedoms.

  2. Natalie Wilson

    Darryl, I don’t always agree with you on any number of topics. And this comment is towards your writing actually.

    I hope you write more poetry.

    Dig in, get deep and don’t stop passionately writing your poetry.

    It’s one of the best ways to communicate what your passionate about and in a way that a lot of us prefer to regular prose.

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