Troublemaker Peacemaker

I’m a troublemaker,

and a peacemaker.

I’m a lover and a fighter,

not a liar and a faker.

I’m a big mistake maker,

so I gotta live by grace,

to run this faith race.

Trouble is, I’m out of place 

on this planet so full

of evil and hate.

I wanna make a change,


the silly groupthink

infecting the masses,

who don’t really think,

so much as feel 

their way round in the dark

of Plato’s cave.

Illogical logic is the reason,

minds change with the season.

Or like Texas weather,

one minute passion makes hot,

the next, depression is freezing

And here I am so trapped

in pathetic self-pity,

energy and intellect sapped,

and I am kept

from making a difference.

Dear God, set me free

from the tyranny of me.

Now I lay me down

on the altar of sacrifice.

Take my life

make my life

a living sacrifice.