12 Steps to Lose Fat

  1. Keep a food log & count calories. I use MyPlate.
  2. Lower your caloric intake. Calculate what you need to maintain your present weight and reduce that by 500/day. Be aware you will need fewer calories as your weight decreases, and your body will learn to maintain on fewer calories as well, which is why the rest of the steps are important.
  3. Track your activity level and try to move more. Various devices will do this: your phone, Fit Bit, Apple or Samsung watches etc.
  4. Exercise 30 minutes per day 5-6 days per week. Run, brisk walk, swim, karate’, bike riding, weightlifting etc. Just DO IT!
  5. Count carbs and keep them at no more than 10-15% of your overall caloric intake. One carb = 4.5 calories
  6. Stop drinking sugar water! That means drop the soda, sweet tea, Monsters, Red Bulls and any other drink that is primarily sugar and water.
  7. Stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol inhibits the liver’s ability to convert fat to blood glucose.
  8. Lose the starch and bread. No pasta, no potatoes, no tortillas, no sandwiches with bread. Substitute lettuce wraps for bread/tortillas.
  9. No sweets/desserts. Avoid candy, cake, pie and the like. Also avoid most so called “energy bars,” which are not much different than candy bars.
  10. Eat veggies every day. They provide micronutrients and will make you feel fuller since they contain ruffage and bulk (which is also good for your digestion).
  11. Practice intermittent fasting. Stop eating at sundown, or no later than 8pm. Don’t eat anything (NOTHING) until at least 13 hours have passed. Vary between this and 16, 18, up to 20 hours of fasting.
  12. NO CHEAT DAYS. One cheat day can easily destroy an entire week’s worth of work.

I’ve followed these steps, and the plan works if you work it.