The Prince of Disappointment

We sing about being the king
of excuses….
Today I say that I am
the Prince of Disappointment.
Little has happened as I had hoped.
Every week I revive my expectations,
but find out at the end I’m still fettered.
It seems we’re stuck in the dark
of Good Friday night,
even though the promise is heard,
Sunday’s on the way!
I could stop believing and leave,
walk out into the musky dusk
of self-indulgent insanity,
which would only serve to prove
my faith to be little more than a wish
Sight or experience don’t produce faith.
Rather, those who truly believe see,
and somehow I believe
and somehow I see,
even if I’ve yet to experience.
So I wander around this graveyard
on a never-ending Friday night,
and I set my hope on the Savior who rose.
Sunday’s comin’; yes, I believe

Sunday’s on the way!