Pass Me By

Ever feel like the world is just passing you by,

like one of those days when you watch the sky

as the windblown clouds roll on by?

I watch while others succeed and I

do not begrudge or envy,

not much, not really.

But I do wonder why,

Why am I standing still,


while other lives move on?

What have I failed to do, God?

Do you hear me,

or have you stopped listening

to me cry?

I am not a perfect man,

but I have seen enough to know

that there has only been One.

Every leader I’ve ever followed has failed

in some way or another.

So, you do bless the imperfect.

What about me:

why am I still here;

why am I not free?

My eyes fail from looking for help.

I look to the hills but none comes,

not from the children of men.

Whom do I have in heaven but Thee?

Nothing on earth appeals to me.

All is lost, as it should be,

So I try to live for Christ,

even though I rarely see any

earthly reward,

and my heart is sick from hope deferred.

I am fully aware and entirely willing

to take all the blame here.

I just don’t know what I’ve done

or failed to do

that merits such persistent


Is there something more,

something I’m missing here?

Did you call and I failed to hear?

Did I go when I wasn’t called?

Who is deaf like your messenger,

or blind like the one whom You’ve sent?

Open my eyes, Lord,

I want to see Jesus.

Open my ears lord,

and help me to listen.

Don’t pass me by.

1 thought on “Pass Me By

  1. Vernon Yeager

    I have gone through situations like this several times in my life, with prayer and patients it can be overcome, as you know from my interview about my military service. God is Good, God is faithful.

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