Ichabod America

Wow, America!
It’s been a great run.
Settled by Pilgrims fleeing persecution,
you were founded to be free from the tyranny
of monarchs, oligarchs, military dictators,
and oppressive majority rules.
Your system of government, of, for and by the people
requires the people
to be informed, involved, and moral.
Freedom has limits,
and you defined those limits,
those morals,
by the Book.
Even Deists like Jefferson
lived by the morals in that Book.
The values found in the Declaration and Constitution
come from that Book.
Once you believed in and lived by the Ten.
Oh, you failed in many ways,
but you were proven wrong by people
who upheld the values of the Book.
MLK protested racism and injustice
by pricking the consciences
of people who were taught the Golden Rule
in Sunday School.
Even hardened racists couldn’t escape it forever.
People believe whatever pleases them.
Oh America, the Book is no longer your guide.
In fact, powerful people reject it, mock it,
some label it dangerous.
Ah, but it is a danger
to those who do whatever is right
in their own eyes.
Oh, America! I have no doubt
that God established you
as a refuge for huddled masses,
a home for the homeless,
and land of opportunity for all.
But above all as a refuge
for people to worship freely,
and freely tell the Greatest Story to the world.
But America! Look around you!
Freedom of conscience wains,
even as sexual freedom reigns.
The consumer has replaced the Christian.
Justice lifts her blindfold,
and the scales tip
with the weight of gold.
Judges have become oligarchs,
abolishing laws passed by the people.
Jurisprudence by fiat
is the law of the land.
Oh, America!
Single Superpower,
ruling the world with money
and military might.
Do you think you are sovereign?
You are not!
The Lord gives,
and the Lord takes away,
Blessed be the Name
of the Only Sovereign Lord!
Oh, America! You are weighed in the balance,
and the scales upon which you stand
are going up!
So, you are going down.
Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin!
Who will divide your beautiful land?
Who will take your spoils?
Has the Lord already raised up another to rule over you?
The glory has departed!
Repent America!
Return to the Rock upon Whom
you were founded.
Ah, Lord Jesus, I would ask you to forgive,
but they refuse to admit they sin.
You would justify them,
but instead they justify their sin!
So, I pray,
Oh, Lord I pray,
for repentance
and revival.
Begin with me!
Oh America! Your time is short.
What will you do?

2 thoughts on “Ichabod America

  1. Robert Martin

    Amen! The blind do not see that they cannot see, nor do they (nor can we) see what is not there, the glory that was once. However, it is abundantly evident that they (((do))) see a glory that is NOT there, a a-glory that is–their epitaph.

  2. Christina Johnston

    Well said..EVIL destructive psychopath, socialist, communist, sociopath, these are the people that are ruling our world…Making wrong right and right wrong… I remember it was said, America’s would fall from within not from war… And it is written, read revelations.

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