Ever I Do

Ever get tired?
I do.
Ever get bored?
I do.
Bored of being mired
in the same sticky clay,
same situation
different day.
I try to keep my hopes up
because there’s nothing good
to be gained from looking down.
Still, it would be easy to drown
in self-pity and petty complaints.
So I keep treading water,
looking up in order to breath.
I thought when I stepped out
on the waves I’d walk
like Jesus,
tried to walk to Jesus,
but the storm is steady
and strong, and I sank

below the surface.

Did I lose sight of Jesus?
At least the air in my lungs
buoyed me up,
and now I take a breath
when I can.
When, oh when
can I just stand?
I don’t mean on land.
I want to walk on these waves,
as no man,
save the Son of Man,
Can I do all things
through Christ?
Will You give me strength?
I have a little bit of faith left.
Is that enough?
Help my unbelief.