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Winter Solstice

Each day there is less light,

Spreading darkness threatens

To bring unending night.

Will the world be mantled in black?

Will light be pushed back

Until it ends?

Will there come a day,

When there is no day?

The sun is a pawn,

Even if its gravity holds us

And its light uphold us,

It is nothing but a ball of gas,

A created thing

Subject to the laws of the Creator-King.

Today is Solstice,

Let the celebration begin, 

the Light of the World has come!

Son of God, the only One.

Paradoxes abound: 

immortality became mortal;

Infinity limited itself;

Almighty God became human.

Creator of 200 billion trillion stars

Born as a baby on a small planet

Orbiting a seemingly insignificant sun.

The shortest day is here!

Darkness must end.

The light has won.

Pass Me By

Ever feel like the world is just passing you by,

like one of those days when you watch the sky

as the windblown clouds roll on by?

I watch while others succeed and I

do not begrudge or envy,

not much, not really.

But I do wonder why,

Why am I standing still,


while other lives move on?

What have I failed to do, God?

Do you hear me,

or have you stopped listening

to me cry?

I am not a perfect man,

but I have seen enough to know

that there has only been One.

Every leader I’ve ever followed has failed

in some way or another.

So, you do bless the imperfect.

What about me:

why am I still here;

why am I not free?

My eyes fail from looking for help.

I look to the hills but none comes,

not from the children of men.

Whom do I have in heaven but Thee?

Nothing on earth appeals to me.

All is lost, as it should be,

So I try to live for Christ,

even though I rarely see any

earthly reward,

and my heart is sick from hope deferred.

I am fully aware and entirely willing

to take all the blame here.

I just don’t know what I’ve done

or failed to do

that merits such persistent


Is there something more,

something I’m missing here?

Did you call and I failed to hear?

Did I go when I wasn’t called?

Who is deaf like your messenger,

or blind like the one whom You’ve sent?

Open my eyes, Lord,

I want to see Jesus.

Open my ears lord,

and help me to listen.

Don’t pass me by.

Ever I Do

Ever get tired?
I do.
Ever get bored?
I do.
Bored of being mired
in the same sticky clay,
same situation
different day.
I try to keep my hopes up
because there’s nothing good
to be gained from looking down.
Still, it would be easy to drown
in self-pity and petty complaints.
So I keep treading water,
looking up in order to breath.
I thought when I stepped out
on the waves I’d walk
like Jesus,
tried to walk to Jesus,
but the storm is steady
and strong, and I sank

below the surface.

Did I lose sight of Jesus?
At least the air in my lungs
buoyed me up,
and now I take a breath
when I can.
When, oh when
can I just stand?
I don’t mean on land.
I want to walk on these waves,
as no man,
save the Son of Man,
Can I do all things
through Christ?
Will You give me strength?
I have a little bit of faith left.
Is that enough?
Help my unbelief.

American Samsara

The ruins of my civilization

are burning,

and I am bleeding

from wounds inflicted by friends

and sons, and sons of hell

who sit in church pews and pray

for things to go well.

It is Jabez’s prayer

for them to prosper and be in health,

even as their souls

that long for worldly wealth.

They sing praise to their gods

Mamon, Baal and Ashtoreth,

and they mate

with the perfect mate

to make beautiful offspring,

whose spirits will be fed

to the gods that led

their parents to copulate.

Then the cycle of American samsara

begins again…

But I have found Nirvana:

no, not heaven,

not even paradise,

but in truth.

I have seen the Matrix,

and I have escaped to reality.

I was blind but now I see

the picture within the gaudy frame.

It is the perfect speciman

of a man who stands

confidantly upon a rock

overlooking the sea,

a multitude of this Prince’s people

all gathered in a valley.

Waves of orgy undulate

as these noble cannibals mutilate

and consume one another raw,

while the Prince of light

peals back his lips to bare his stunning white

teeth in a brilliant smile.

(written circa 2001)